Is it coming home?

Is this year our year? Will they truly bring it home?

I sure hope so, I will be proud to buy a brand new England shirt with two stars above its badge representing our world cup victory for the second time. Considering our last one was 1966, jeez!

The world cup for me is amazing for it brings everyone together and reminds us of what we really are. A community. Now I go to the pub and watch the England Match’s, not to sit around drinking beer and getting drunk, but for the atmosphere. OMG, the atmosphere is immaculate. When we score and the crowd goes wild my heart races as we jump up and down with excitement. Butterlies flood my stomach. It can’t get any better than that. I can’t wait for the day my son is old enough to understand these things and experiences this for himself. Lets cross our fingers and hope they win this amazing opportunity, they have already done us proud so far.

Come on lads!



Your happy place

Where is you happy place?

Where is the holiday you grew up going to?

My partner’s was Towyn in Wales, well, it still is as he took me a few years back and I have loved it ever since. I plan to make it our son’s childhood holiday also as there are amazing things to do like crab on the lake, ride the train, play the arcades….we have took him twice now and he loves it, the sea air definitely does him some good.

We stay at Park resorts in Towyn and camp, yes camp. People often stay in a caravan but we love it in the tent. Not so much Leo, he was always trying to escape and wanted to wonder the park which we understood as it got very hot in the tent at times.

I would say my best part of going to Wales would definitely be when we go crabbing on the lake, you can catch so many. I could do it for hours. I would definitely recommend a visit.

So that is our happy place. Where is yours?

The waiting game

Have you ever had to wait for something that could change what you do in your future? In my case it is my GCSE results for the second time after finishing my last exam today.

I didn’t get the results needed the first time around and had knew i would have to sit them again the following year but took a year off as i had my little boy. So as you can imagine, i was a bit rusty starting college after being off for a year and wasn’t too confident in myself. But as the year went on i started to gain my confidence back and started to think i had a chance of passing this year. I guess only time will tell when the day comes to receive my results in August.

I think the first time i sat my GCSE’s, i kept telling myself “your going to fail and have to sit them again” which i had to in the end and i think that is what made me fail them. The key is to believe in yourself which i didn’t back then, but this time round i can say i’m more confident than last time, not 100% but definitely more.

To anyone who is Sitting their exams, just think about your future and don’t sit another year of GCSE math’s and English because it sucks having to sit your exams again and go through the whole thing over.

Wish me luck! 🙂


Anything is achievable!

This is for the young mothers out there who are struggling on what to do next as having a baby right now was not the plan you had in mind. You could always see yourself having a baby in the future but what about now? Can you provide for this baby? Do you have the support? Can you still pursue your dreams whist bringing up this baby?

Of course you can. You can do anything you want, all you have to be is motivated. I for sure am, and that is why i have finished my first year of college, and are also resitting my GCSE’s whilst bringing up my one year old. I’m not going to tell you that ‘if i can do it then anyone can do it’ or ‘you don’t have an excuse as you don’t have the responsibilities i have’ because that’s not fair, everybody has their own situation and deal with things differently. But me, i’m motivated to do what i have always dreamed of doing as i set my mind to it and think about the future of my family.

I get people asking me ‘how do you do it’ or ‘i wouldn’t be able to cope’. But i don’t blame them as they haven’t gone through the same experience as us young mothers have. But what i can say is that, me being a young mother helps me through it, it has matured me. If you had taken a look at me whilst taking my GCSE’s the first time round, i was a right nightmare. I was a teenager. I was getting kicked out of school, fighting, falling out with family. But having my little boy has changed all of that, and now i do care about my future, i do care if i pass my exams. I couldn’t of said that a year and a half ago because i wasn’t the women i am today.

To all the young mothers out there that are being told ‘you have ruined your future’ or ‘your not going to be able to do your dream job’ which believe me, i have had the same said to me, just don’t let that get you down. Do what you want to do, be motivated!

So if there is anyone out there who is taking all of this new mummy life in and are in need of a bit of encouragement please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions on anything you would like to know or on what to expect.


Leo and Stan

Leo is my one year old son and Stan is our dog. Leo and Stan are like best friends who are both as bad as each other when it comes to attention. If anyone is playing with Leo, Stan will come over and roll around like he wants attention. And if anyone is stroking Stan then Leo comes over and strokes Stan with you and says “awwww”.

A lot of the time, Leo likes to play with Stan’s ears and occasionally sit on him and Stan doesn’t even bother and goes along with it.


What Leo also likes to do is put his hands in Stan’s water bowl and likes to watch him eat his dinner. Me and my partner are constantly putting Stan’s water bowl on the side so that Leo Isn’t putting any of his toys in or splashing in it.



I am glad that Leo has a friend as lovely as Stan and that Stan adores him as much as Leo adores Stan, they are the perfect match! And i hope Leo will look back to these photos when he is older and know that he had a best buddy in the house.




Darwen live

Darwen live is a two day music festival in Lancashire that thousands of people attend to, and even travel to attend.

There is a seletion of bands, singers and performers every year at the end of May over the bank holiday. As you can imagine, the music can be very loud and the area can be very crowded, but this year they set up a fair at Bold Venture Park full of kids fair rides, stalls and more! This year me and my partner thought we would take our 1 year old son, Leo to the fair on the 28th May and have abit of fun with the family without it being too loud for him.

If you like to party, dance, drink, sing, I would gladly suggest Darwen live. But if you’re a family person and want a bit more of a quiet experience then you could just pop up the road to the fair and win a few gold fish 🙂


Leo’s first trip to the park

20180529_140120Leo is 15 months old and I have only just taken him to the park today for the first time as I wanted him to understand what he was doing and for him to enjoy himself which he did, very much! We went to Bold Venture Park in Darwen with my sister Paige, my brother Lewis and my mum, Emma. Leo loves seeing his family, his face ligts up whenever he sees them.

I first took Leo onto the swings. He giggled and smiled as I pushed him in the swing as he was giggling, “weeee”. Watching him enjoy himself like that makes me so happy and I am glad I had that experience with him. He loved walking (toddling) around the park and watching the other children enjoying themselves.

His first trip to the park was a success and we all really enjoyed it. This will definitely be a regular activity.